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Stepping Onto Your Path

I value exactly where you are on your journey of healing, growth, or transformation. At the heart of my somatic and mindfulness-based work is the understanding that the answers to our own healing, development, and fulfillment lie within ourselves. Often, though, we need a skilled and objective companion to help us gain perspective, build new skills, provide a roadmap, lend confidence, or facilitate a new experience. What we need to “hear” the most from within us can seem inaccessible at first. It can get obscured by the fast pace of life, other people’s agendas, our own entrenched stories about what’s possible, confusion, and fear of change.

I’ll help you slow down, access, and trust those powerful messages that are inside you. I use embodied approaches that facilitate deep transformation and evidence-based modalities that reliably lead to desired changes in your life — both of which honor your own pace and unique developmental process.

Making the decision to begin or resume psychotherapy can be exciting and sometimes intimidating. Please let me know what, if any, concerns you may have about the therapy process. I can help you begin or resume your work in therapy with confidence.

I look forward to working with you!



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