Dances From the Dirt 2015

Dances From the Dirt are dynamic, body-mind integrative workshops that facilitate embodiment and healing while igniting the creative process. Based on the life-experiences of participants, each workshop is unique, though healing and growth are at the center of each. Check out 2015 offerings below! (All workshops require advanced registration and deposit no less than 1 week prior to the start dates.)

Creativity: Addiction’s Worst Enemy, Saturday, August 1st, 1:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m.
We are all “addicted” in some way, at some level. (What would make you uneasy, grumpy, or flat-out scared to leave behind on week-long retreat: coffee? technology? sex? work? running shoes? books? alcohol? pot? chatter?) At the heart of addiction, and compulsive behavior of any kind, is the lack of ability to choose. In order to escape or numb the feelings we find intolerable (such as guilt, emptiness, boredom, loneliness, rage, fear), we mindlessly reach for that substance, activity, or person we know will temporarily ease the feeling. Understandable. But having just one choice is the same as having no choice. Creativity is the opposite of that. It is the ability to respond versus react to what is in and around us. Creativity is life living itself. It is the seat of new possibilities and the birthplace of hope. With creativity comes freedom and vitality. In this workshop, we will explore how embodiment (being in our bodies mindfully and authentically) and the creative process that artists regularly tap into, can curb, refine, and even transform destructive impulses.

Not-So-Queer Embodiment: Authentically Inhabiting Non-Conforming Bodies, August 8th, 1:00 -4:00 p.m. What would justice in the body feel like? How would you move if you lived in a world  that did not construct gender? What are the authentic shapes, directions, and rhythms of who you are right here, right now? For many years, feminist and queer movements have exposed and defied social constructions of gender, but we are often very disconnect from our bodies: the birthplace and original “intelligence” of our theories.This workshop, for LGBTIQ people, provides space and guidance for embodied exploration of who we are from the inside-out.

Because oppression and experiences of discrimination are traumatic for many, this workshop also offers embodiment instruction to help heal and buffer against the effects of abuses of power. Our time together will support reconnection with our bodies, our conviction, our breath, our ground, our strength, our “flow”, and each other. This workshop calls on play, creativity, embodiment, and community to interrupt experiences of invisibility and misunderstanding that are inherent in oppression.Through creative expression, our most painful, confusing experiences can be deeply known by others and transformed. Yielding into support and rising up with breath, we can feel again that we are so much more than even our very potent experiences of oppression.

Transforming Trauma Through Embodied Storytelling, September 12th and 13th, 1:00–5:00 p.m. This workshop calls on play, creativity, embodiment, and community to interrupt the deadening loops of fight, flight, freeze and faint associated with trauma. As we honor and expand beyond familiar coping patterns, we unfold our beautifully nuanced, individual expressions of life and self. In giving them form, our most painful, confusing experiences can be deeply known by others and transformed. We are more than our trauma: in this workshop, you are invited to re-member this on the level of felt experience.

(No prior dance or artistic experience is necessary, though some prior or concurrent therapeutic work is recommended.)

Awakening Creativity Through Embodiment, October 17th and 18th, 1:00 — 5:00 p.m.

This workshop is ideal for you if you’re seeking rejuvenation, inspiration, or a new and deeper connection with yourself. It’s an excellent opportunity for professionals and others who regularly experience vicarious trauma; for artists who feel “stalled out”; or anyone who senses that your life could be more vital, more integrated, simultaneously simpler and more vivid. As with all Dances From the Dirt workshops, no prior dance or artistic experience is necessary! Simply come with comfortable clothes and an open mind.

Please call 720-284-1197 or e-mail with questions about or to sign up for any of my workshops.

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