Creativity: Addiction’s Worst Enemy

At the core of addiction, and compulsive behavior of any kind, is the lack of ability to choose. Creativity is the opposite of this. It is the ability to respond versus react to what is in and around us. Creativity is life living itself freely when we don’t feel we have to avoid certain feelings. It is the seat of new possibilities and the birthplace of hope. With creativity comes freedom and vitality!

In order to escape or numb feelings we find intolerable (such as emptiness, boredom, guilt, loneliness, rage, fear, inadequacy), we often (mindlessly) reach for that substance, activity, or person we know will temporarily ease the feeling. Understandable, right? Of course. But having just one choice is the same as having no choice. Over time, this “no-choice choosing” has a deadening effect on us. Left unchecked, addictive tendencies gain momentum and power, constrict our lives, and sometimes even lead to significant problems.

In my upcoming workshop, Creativity: Addiction’s Worst Enemy, participants will experience how embodiment (being in our bodies mindfully and authentically), play, and the creative process can redirect and even transform potentially destructive impulses. We will explore satisfying alternatives to numbing out and running away. Evidence-based addiction recovery and behavior change techniques are woven into our play to optimally support your movement forward — no matter what stage of change you are currently in.copy-cropped-IMG_0605.jpg

Creativity: Addiction’s Worst Enemy, Saturday, August 1st, 1:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m., Boulder.

Call 720-284-1197 or e-mail to learn more or to register! I look forward to hearing from you!

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