Authentic Movement

Katherine8Authentic movement has been called “dreaming with the body”: it allows movers to let the discursive mind take a back seat for a while so cellular wisdom can emerge. Like dream work, authentic movement has the capacity to put us in touch with very subtle and specific dimensions of our experience that hold the keys to our healing, growth, and evolution.

As a teacher of mindfulness, I share authentic movement as a practice that supports full, soft, and open presence and the integration of “body, speech, and mind.”  As a somatic psychotherapist, I midwife the development of the self through facilitating, reflecting, and amplifying the “small, quiet voice within” that is the real teacher of change.

Authentic movement can be practiced as a form of moving meditation and as insight practice. Like a jump, it goes “down” into the self to facilitate an “upward” movement into that which is more expansive, connected, and free. I have come to discover, through my own practice of authentic movement, that what is true(st) for each individual is the only “right answer” to questions about the next steps on our life journey: this can only be known through deep listening to our innermost impulses, images, and sensations.

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