Authentic Movement

Authentic Mvmt2Authentic movement has been called “dreaming with the body”: it allows movers to let the discursive mind take a back seat for a while so that deeper wisdom can emerge. Like dream work, authentic movement has the capacity to put us in touch with very subtle and specific dimensions of our experience that hold the particular keys to our healing, growth, or evolution right now.

My approach to authentic movement can best be described as an integration of my 20-year practice of Buddhist meditation, training in dream work and somatic psychotherapy, and background as a modern dancer. My original and ongoing, advanced training in authentic movement has been with Zoë Avstreih — a dance movement therapy pioneer and depth-oriented lineage holder of authentic movement.

I offer periodic authentic movement groups for individuals who are functioning well in life and seek ongoing growth, individuation, or spiritual evolution. Please contact me at 720-284-1197 with questions about the practice or about upcoming groups.Katherine8

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