Embody Justice

In MotionEmbody Justice is the branch of my practice whose mission it is to bring the work of embodiment and somatic intelligence to those who experience the daily impacts of power and privilege imbalances in society. I offer individual embodiment coaching sessions, somatic psychotherapy sessions, workshops, classes, and referrals in order to provide a flexible and responsive set of opportunities.

Birthed over 11 years ago from my masters thesis, the mission of Embody Justice is to give my clients access to somatic resources that directly and powerfully work against the daily effects of oppression. Through somatic education, exploration, and practice, this body of work offers clients a different felt experience of life and a new and sustainable approach to social justice work.



Health Disparities

More and more, the health impacts associated with the ongoing stress of discrimination and social inequity are being recognized by professionals in the fields of public health, mental health, and wellness. In concert with social systems and advocacy work, I specialize in somatic therapy which responds to social injustice at the very physical place it lands: the body. Trained in various evidence-based approaches to addressing the spectrum of trauma, I work with clients to discover and access what justice in the body might feel like.

Please contact me at 720-284-1197 to learn more or to set up a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!


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