Somatic Psychotherapy

Body-centered psychotherapy engenders psychological, emotional, and relational health by effectively enlisting the bi-directional feedback loop of the mind/body in the processes of healing and transformation. Just as the mind affects the body and emotions, the body affects emotions and the mind. Somatic psychotherapy differs from traditional psychotherapy in its assumption that working directly with present-moment experience–including what’s happening in the body–is sometimes needed for fundamental change to occur.

How we inhabit our bodiesto what degree, with how much awareness, and with the unique qualities that make us who we are — is sometimes called embodiment. My work supports shifts in embodiment that facilitate psychological, cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes. This typically happens through clients’ deepening and expanding somatic awareness, new skill development, somatic resourcing, relationship building, meaning-making, and new emotional/cognitive connections. When natural to the change process, I also draw on my training in dance/movement therapy, dream work, gestalt therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Somatic psychotherapy can be helpful for a diversity of goals. I work with a range of individuals whose reasons for initiating therapy are diverse. Some seek to thrive beyond trauma. Others want to change life-limiting patterns, improve relationships, optimally navigate life transitions, “find” themselves (again), improve body image, feel confident to pursue life goals, get to the root of anxiety or depression, stimulate creativity, or explore purpose in life.

Professional expertise and personal passion: issues of power and privilege. I am passionate about facilitating greater embodiment in those who experience ongoing discrimination in society. I believe, from first-hand experience, that embodiment is one of the most effective, sane, and kind methods we have for becoming empowered and skillfully working toward a more just society. For this reason, I large percentage of my professional work has focused on addressing health disparities and working toward health equity.

I offer seasoned somatic psychotherapy services in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado. To schedule an initial consultation, please call 720-284-1197.

You may learn more about somatic psychotherapy at The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy website:


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